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This painting is about the encounter of winter and summer. About the sprouts of new that shoot their way out with their spring and fresh greenery through the snow of the past into the blossoming future.

The spring which is the main subject of this work tried to break through but it was taken down by the new portion of snow and is started all over again. This is about despair that is replaced by new hopes again and again, about the morning when you get up with your eyes wet from tears and see the bright sun and realize that everything has just started from scratch – ALL OVER AGAIN.

The music to which the painting was written corresponds to my music visualization of this work – cold and at the same time comfort within, as well as the hope that it will soon get warmer.

Painting: Spray Paint, Acrylic, Pastel on Other. Music by Bon Iver- Blindsided

100х100 canvas, acrylic, pastels


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