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Granny’s Dream

Ageing possesses its special beauty spreading not passion, not impulses but a measured, calming depth… Listening to faded granny’s stories is the same as touching a relic, a shrine of a kind, the same as being charged with energy that is ripe with experience. And for granny everything is washed-out …only memories that also fade away merging with pink monochrome colors stay. Once a one bright life will fade just like one of a million of photographs will turn into light, into a blank page only to start all over again…. But nothing disappears. It is always stored somewhere. Even if we mean the existence of a particular person. It continues living in memories, stories and love to this somebody who lived once but who had faded away in our photo album called “Life”. Only the fragments of memories are left. That is exactly the name of my picture series and another artwork - “Granny’s Dream”.

67х77 canvas, acrylic, pastels



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