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My Forest On Lockdown

My Forest On Lockdown 25х25 watercolor, ink, pastel 2020

Moose Island

Moose Island 10x15 cm Watercolor, concealer, colored pens 2019

Homeless Chimera

Homeless Chimera (Notre Dame) 25х25 ink, watercolor 2019

What's going on!

What's going on! 10х15 watercolor, concealer 2020

Baba Valya Waits For Summer

Baba Valya Waits For Summer (A picture of forest fires in Siberia)

Development in Elk Island

Development in Elk Island 10x15 cm watercolor, 2019

Portrait of Freddie Mercury

Portrait of Freddie Mercury 15х20 2018

Rabbit Hunt

Rabbit Hunt А2 Gouache, cotton 2013

The Dream of a Horse from the Island of Büyükada

The Dream of a Horse from the Island of Büyükada 15х17 Watercolor, pencils, hay 2019

The Subject's Dream

The Subject's Dream 25х28 plywood, acrylic 2016


Fertilization 40х50 watercolor, 2012


Pregnancy А3 watercolor, concealer 2012

Unborn first-born

Unborn first-born 40х50 watercolor, concealer 2010

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