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I love nature and all its astonishing colors that give me inspiration. Most of all I adore exotic beetles, birds, fish and butterflies. But the collection of dead animals on a wall frightens me, so I made up my mind to create one that will spare the beautiful creatures. Most animals and insects that I paint are in the Red Book. I chose to show them on wooden panels. They are not the exact copies because I add décor elements, make interesting backgrounds, use lay-of-the-land techniques and details while creating them. Thus my characters become more decorative and more alive. They will look great as a collection on a wall.

Thermognatha carpentarie 40х50 acrylyc, wood 2016

Rosalina Alpina 44х63 wood panel, acrylic, oil.

Shield beetle 20х20 acrylic, wood panel. 2016

Scarab beetle 40х50 acrylic,oil 2014

Hispinae 20х20 acrylic, wood panel 2016

Hispinae 20х20 acrylic, wood panel 2016

Sphaerocoris annulus 35x50 acrylic, wood panel 2016

balistoides conspicillum 32x49 acrylic, wood panel 2017

Scarus Quopi 49x29 acrylic, wood panel 2017

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