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The memories are very important for my art. This series is performed in the vague technique resembling of remote memories that are close to fantasies. Most often it is dripping technique combined with pastels.

Goodbye, Summer!

Goodbye, Summer! 115х85 canvas, acrylic,pastel 2019

A Window to Summer

A Window to Summer 130x110 + Mom's rippling curtain gives 10 cm on the bottom and top. Canvas, acrylic, beads, mother's curtain, which has been waiting for its star hour since 1989. 2022


Farewell 35x40 Cardboard, acrylic, pastel, dry stems, mom's curtain 2022

Falling asleep

Falling asleep 50x70 canvas, acrylic, oil pastel 2020

Dreams About Childhood

Dreams About Childhood 80х140 canvas, acrylic 2016

Grandmother's Dream

Grandmother's Dream 65х75 Canvas, Acrylic 2019


Dandelion 80х100 canvas, acrylic 2016

First Snow

First Snow 50х70 cardboard, acrylic 2016

Close Your Eyes And Come Back

Close Your Eyes And Come Back 77х97 canvas, acrylic 2019

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