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The series came to life after I had lived with the real exotic butterflies

for ten days. At home butterflies were really a pitiful sight. I made up my mind to create this series of paintings and to dedicate it to our home butterflies. In this series I depict the world from the view of butterflies.

They were close to me the moment I was painting. The black one was sitting on me all the three days as a brooch while I was making a

painting about it (You can find photos and description of the process in my blog).

On my paintings I depict the freedom that the home butterflies were deprived of. The whole series is abstract just as the world view of this

beautiful insect.

This is a series of beautiful abstractions with nature elements put together with ornaments and wings’ surfaces. This is a sort of my statement as an artist about animals in captivity and about their beauty.

Butterfly Birth

Butterfly Emergence 150x100 acrylic,canvas 2020

Butterfly’s Life

Butterfly’s Life 50х70 acrylic, pastel,canvas 2018

Сад бабочек

Butterfly Garden 40x50 acrylic, pastel,wood 2018

Spring. Seasons

Spring. Seasons. 40х40 acrylic,canvas 2018

Summer. Seasons

Summer. Seasons. 40х40 acrylic,canvas 2018

Autumn. Seasons

Autumn. Seasons 40х40 acrylic,canvas 2018

Winter. Seasons

Winter. Seasons. 40х40 acrylic,canvas 2018

Deep in the forest

Deep in the forest 75x130 canvas, acrylic


Dreams about summer 120х140 canvas, acrylic 2018

In The Rain

In The Rain 60х70 canvas, acrylic 2018

Autumn Leaf Song

Autumn Leaf Song 60х70 canvas, acrylic 2018

Floating Moment

Floating Moment 60х70 acrylic,canvas,wood 2018

Human Web

Human Web 120х120 acrylic,canvas,web 2018

Land of Butterflies

Land of Butterflies 100х100 acrylic,canvas 2018

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