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The reality is here and you can taste it. We spend most part of our everyday life thinking about past and future. Very often at the expense of the present. We forget to notice, to appreciate and to enjoy the things happening at the moment. The series of paintings “Anatomy of Taste” is about what we are worth, about the tastes disclosing the world from various sides, about the pulse of the present. The fruit of a tropical tree serves as an invisible thread that links me with the places where it grew, with the people who cultivated it, with the hot air and with the soil of a different color. While eating a fruit I get filled with the life energy. I am also sort of a fruit having emerged from a seed. Each of us is a part of a whole which is our Universe. It is perfect and we all are part of it.

Impulse Biochemistry

Impulse Biochemistry 100х80 canvas, acrylic, pastel 2019

Blooming Sally

Blooming Sally 60x70 canvas, acrylic, pastel 2018

Pomegranate Heart

Pomegranate Heart 140х150 canvas, acrylic, pastel 2019

Fig Taste

Fig Taste 75х120 canvas, acrylic, pastel 2019


Аftertaste 30х40 acrylic, wood panel 2020

October Body

October Body 101х78 canvas, acrylic, pastel 2019

Cosmic Girolles

Cosmic Girolles 35x50 canvas, acrylic 2020


Figs 50х60 canvas, acrylic, pastel 2019

Physalis Mystery

Physalis Mystery 100х70 canvas, acrylic, pastel 2019

Spirit of Garlic

Spirit of Garlic 30x40 canvas, acrylic 2020

Pomegranate’s Loving Heart

Pomegranate’s Loving Heart 30x40 canvas, acrylic 2020

English Breakfast

English Breakfast 90х70 canvas, acrylic, pastel, english newspaper 2018

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