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The whole “Roots” series is dedicated to an inner child living inside

each of us. It is filled with child fantasies and images.

It is always night on the pictures from this series. The night and the

forest are of key importance here. The forest at night is children’s

mystery, a fairy tale. The fantastic characters in this forest help us and

protect us taking to the realm of dreams and fantasies and thus saving us

from reality.


Lullaby 140x150 canvas, acrylic 2019

Wait And See

Wait And See 50х60 canvas,acrylic, pastel 2018


Hazy 100х100 canvas, acrylic 2016

Sleepy November

Sleepy November 65х75 canvas, acrylic 2017

Ангелы/ Angels

Angels 70х90 canvas, acrylic 2019

White Whale

White Whale 80х100 canvas, acrylic 2016

Savior Of The Apple Feast Day

Savior Of The Apple Feast Day 75х95 canvas, acrylic 2018

St. John The Baptist

St. John The Baptist 100х100 canvas, acrylic 2018

Forest and Fox

Forest and Fox 50х60 canvas, acrylic 2017

Pigeon And Pomegranates

Pigeon And Pomegranates 45х55 canvas,acrylic, pastel 2019 2018

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