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Behind the glass window When the global quarantine began, normal life turned into a vague abstraction without clear outlines. On the other side of the window, life continued to develop, social events unfolded behind computer monitors - without physical touch, without smells - without familiar sensations. All the usual forms and images are washed away in one gigantic abstraction ... This series of paintings is dedicated to my favorite city - Moscow

My Forest on Lockdown

My Forest on Lockdown 25x25 wooden box, snails, keys 2020

Behind The Glass Window 150х200 canvas, acrylic, oil pastel 2020

01.01. 120x150 canvas, acrylic 2016

First Rays 75х80 canvas, acrylic 2020

Cyril and the sea 40х50 acrylic,pastel 2020

Spring On My Windowsill 40х50 canvas, acrylic 2020

Morning in a coffee shop 70х100 watercolor, pastel 2015

abstraction №1 50х50 canvas, acrylic 2013

Waiting Out The Storm 50х50 canvas, acrylic The painting won first place in the international competition of abstract art 2016 Artweek

City ​​Lights 60х100 watercolor, pastel 2015

Too Early 40х50 canvas, acrylyc 2018

Morning wood panel, acrylic 2015

Dusk 65х65 canvas, acrylic 2020

Beyond Human Mind 75х75 canvas, acrylic 2020

Trees are waking up 75х100 canvas, acrylic 2016

Ночные размышления

Night Reflections 70х100 canvas, acrylic 2016

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