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The whole series "Roots" is naive-childish, unrealizable-magic, which can be seen from the plots distant from reality. Once an art philosophy teacher asked us a question: "Can you feel guilty about something if it happened before you were born?" I understood that I have this, even though it looks rather absurd... 

There are such important and shameful milestones in the history of mankind that leave indelible marks for which I feel guilty or involved. I do not want to procrastinate on topics that are already obfuscated without me and at the mere mention of people start to roll their eyes. But I can’t turn away from history, from the roots , so I, like any artist, illuminate in my work  what haunts me. But the peculiarity of  of the "Roots" series is that most likely no one will notice my secret meaning, since the "Roots" series is stylistically intentionally made in a cute fairy-tale style.

Это про взгляд ребёнка на мечту о мире, когда вокруг война. Это о надежде на чудо в дневниках Анны Franc. In the paintings of this series, it is almost always night. The forest and the night are key to the series. Because the night forest is like a fairy tale, like a dream about salvation. In  the forest, there are fantastic characters who again point to the fictional, to the desired, to dreams and dreams about life, when death is around,  about the world, when there is war around.

Лес и Лис

50х60 оргалит, акрил, пастель 2017 (находится в частной коллекции)

Иван Купала

100х100 холст, акрил, пастель (на брони)

Яблочный спас

75х95 холст, масло, акрил, пастель 2018 (находится в частной коллекции)


50х60 холст, акрил, пастель 2018 (находится в частной коллекции)

Голубь и гранаты

45х55холст, акрил, пастель 2018 21500.-

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